Contacting Robin Lim


To email Robin: send to: iburobin(at)

 Be sure to replace the "(at)" in her address with @ (this was done to reduce spamming)

Robin checks her email about twice per week.



Regular mail is undependable.

Phoning Robin:

Robin is 13 hours ahead of us (Central Standard Time in the United States), across the international date line.  So, she is sleeping during our normal daytime work hours.  She wakes up pretty early. If you are in the U.S., it works well to call early in our morning or any time in the evening.

Once you dial, it may take over 30 seconds of silence to ring. When they answer, be advised that there is often a several second delay on each side!  This takes some getting used to: once you identify each other, speak in long sentences, then let the other side do the same. Don't be afraid to butt in if you have to; Robin is kind of long-winded, and the calls get expensive. (See more talking details at bottom of page).


All numbers assume that you are calling from the United States, dialing (011) to call internationally. (62) is the country code of Indonesia. If you can't get through, call Bruce Grady at 641-472-3880 in the U.S.; maybe I can update you more accurately than what is listed below.



Robin in Aceh (and in Bali at present) This is being used in Ubud as Robin's main number.

If Robin is in Aceh, she is harder to contact. Her husband Wil  would know how to contact her. Or you may contact us, and we may be able to help.

 011) 62-81-338-338-256
Landline to Robin's home in Ubud   (011) [from the U.S.]. then


The main clinic in Ubud  (non-English speakers may answer)  

(011) [from the U.S.] , then

62-361-970 002

Wil Hemmerle (Robin's husband), cell phone   (011) 62-81-338-103-322
Melanie Templar, Director of operations in Aceh This number is for Melanie in Bali; when in Aceh we are not sure how to reach her. 62-812-383-8085



Indonesia is  14 hours ahead of Central Time in the U.S . A good time to call  is after 6:00 PM (central U.S. time): she will be in her morning activities at that time.
Since Robin is often away from home delivering babies or helping mothers, it is best to initially call her on her cell phone, and then ask if  you should call back on her landline.

 After you dial, there may be 30 seconds or so of  wait time while you are connecting.

While talking, due to long distance connections it takes about 4 or 5 seconds for Robin to hear you, and vice versa.

A typical start might be...

  1. You dial, and there is a 30 second noiseless space.

  2. Robin answers, and there is a bit of confusion as it seems like both people are talking at once.. Actually, they are not--the delay is causing this confusion.  Just go ahead and identify yourself, in detail, even in the midst of this confusion. She will be quiet when she hears your voice coming across the line, for as long as you want to speak.

  3. Speak as long as you wish, then let her speak for awhile/. The secret is to not speak in short phrases . Speak in paragraphs, then let her speak for awhile.

  4. With Robin (who can be long-winded at times:) sometimes you need to butt in and narrow the conversation down a bit. Don't worry. She loves the fact that you called.

Talking in this manner is a bit of an art, but is fun when you get the hang of it.

Don't worry about whether you are interrupting her important "save the world" work. She will tell you if she is busy with a critical person or issue. She will love talk to you!

Phone cards to Indonesia are available for as little as eleven cents per minute. See for an example.



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