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After The Baby's Birth Eating For Two Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra

The first few weeks and months after a baby's birth can be a wonderful and confusing time. While trying to discover the best ways to care for her child, new and even experienced mothers often neglect their own health. However, it is essential that mothers pay as much attention to their own wellness as they pay to their baby's health and happiness.

In this book Robin Lim guides mothers through the best methods of mother and baby postpartum care, including parental nurturing, breastfeeding, the role of the father, nutrition, and early sensory education.

Focusing on natural and wholesome practices, After The Baby's Birth is a sensitive, practical guide to post-pregnancy health. It includes touching personal stories based on real-life experiences of mothers, a collection of delicious recipes formulated especially for postpartum women, plus a special chapter dedicated to the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine.

Between the bizarre food cravings and the nausea, preparing balanced meals is often the last thing on your mind when you're pregnant. In Eating For Two, childcare and women's-wellness expert Robin Lim presents more than 150 easy-to-prepare recipes, using wholesome and simple ingredients for achieving optimal health and avoiding discomforting side effects during pregnancy.

With a focus on plentiful options for nutritious and satisfying meals, she also provides information to determine which foods deliver sufficient protein, calcium, iron, and other necessary nutrients, to ensure a healthy start for the new baby.

An essential cookbook and resource for mothers-to-be and breastfeeding moms, Eating For Two is like having a wise-woman healer, supportive friend, and personal nutritionist by your side.Eating wisely can be the best prevention for the most common pregnancy-related complaints as well as healthy fetal development.

The book includes a Three-Day Food Diary for accurately determining your daily vitamin and mineral intake, and recommends preventative remedies to help stave off nausea, insomnia, joint swelling, and heartburn. Plus, it offers advice on foods to avoid during pregnancy, as well as important information on genetically engineered foods.

This book explores the important but culturally-forgotten practice of delaying cutting the umbilical cord after birth. In it, Lim illustrates the power of the placenta to deliver nutrients, stem cells, antibodies, and even 'extra' intelligence to the baby, for several hours (or more) after birth.

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The Geometry of Splitting Souls:

Poems by Robin Lim


Published December, 2011

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 "Robin Lim is a woman of staggering energy, passion, goodness and talent. Her poems take all four of those traits, and weave them into wonder." -Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


"Robin Lim is one of my heroes. Her dedication to mothers, babies and the health of the planet family, is matched only by her love of writing. In these pages you will feel the raw emotion, passion, humor, hope and tenacity that fuels this great woman warrior. I am certain that you too will discover that the world is a brighter place with her in it." -Michael Franti


"Robin Lim's poems are born from the same womb as her devotion to midwifery. A womb that treasures each life, even faced with its darkest questions. She enters the world of words and of birth with equal humility, purpose, and a profound care for humanity. Her poetic images are clear and trenchant and they aim for the soul. Her language rises from a notable forthrightness, and ripens with a crone's articulation. We recognize: Yes, that is who we are. Yes, that is what frightens us. Yes, that is what leads us toward love. With these poems, and with her devotion to life, Lim is wise-on our behalf." -Margo Berdeshevsky