"Rock star or prostitute, everyone gets treated (like a) VIP at Bumi Sehat ... with kindness and respect."

"No one gets rich being a midwife. The riches that you experience are the deeper values."

"It's something to see a family come year after year, every time their mango tree gives fruit, and give a few mangoes to the staff to say thank you."

--Robin Lim

"I could not believe the poverty in Bali when I visited, we really know nothing like it in Australia. As a childbirth Educator in Darwin, I really wanted to visit Robin and her Yayasan Bumi Sehat Birth Centre in Ubud which I had been donating to for many years. Even the workers in our hotel and the taxi driver who drove us there knew 'Ibu Robin' and talked of her with great love and respect as they had all had their babies there at Bumi Sehat. When I met Robin I was overwhelmed with the job this beautiful, caring and relaxed woman had taken on and done so miraculously for all these years. I could feel the happy energy around me ... there were families and women in labour, women recovering post natally, all loved and cared for, feeling very secure because of this wonderful women they call Ibu Robin. I often wonder to myself ..... what would have happened to all these happy families and people like them if there wasn't an Ibu Robin there for them? all their outcomes could have been so drastically different."  --Paula Geraghty

“I volunteered in Robin Lim’s Bali clinic for awhile, and have a memory of her, 2 days without sleep, striding between birthing rooms with hair frizzed like a slightly deprived arch angel. On multiple occasions we literally had to force her to sleep. Somehow though, in the midst of the beauty and trials of birth and volunteering, you ended up feeling that it was you who was healed.              --Anna Tarnoff

Robin is simply an incredible woman. I have known her for thirty-five years. She is one of the most self-less people I have ever met, and made it her mission (and it remains a committed mission through ) to bring healthy babies into the world in under-served Bali. I have had the honor, as a pediatrician and a friend, to communicate with her when the babies had problems, or even if any other kids had (medical) problems; indeed, she asked me about some maternal problems. In this medically desperate country, we had to get creative, in one case, to supply certain unobtainable (in Bali at the time) needed medicines or the child would die. It has been my honor to know her, to follow her mission, and to occasionally be of help. Bless her for giving me the opportunity to do good deeds. And God bless her for her self-less devotion to her marvelous obsession—to be a healer. In the true sense of the word. Robin personifies the motto Non Sibi ((Not for Self). John M. Briley, Jr. MD

"I had my first born ... in a different clinic," said Gusti "Ayu" Ketut Gerti, a 31-year-old who came to Lim for the birth of her second child in February. "There's a big difference between that experience and (Bumi Sehat). Here, I feel comfortable. Robin is very kind, very motherly.

"I do not have money, and I tell my friends to also come here. I wish there were more people like her to lift up the suffering of the poor people." Source (Nice biography of Robin)

"For me, to have worked in 2008 for months directly with Robin side by side day after day in Bali was a blessing and honor. Working in every capacity from training in beautiful birthing for balinese families to administration and health clinic assistant, allowed me to transform and discover parts of myself that are profoundly changed in very positive ways. To volunteer in her mission is effortless for me and I am now deeply inspired and feel more connected to all human beings in our precious global world family. My dream and hope is that I am able one day to return to my Bali home and once again dedicate those long hours of devotion tirelessly to offer Robin and her Global Mission my efforts and support.
With Love, Namaste, Linda"

 Robin lives exactly what she practices during her birthing - her love and caring spill over to every relationship she has - even outside the birthing arena. She is a mother to all - she is kind, she is fair, she is clear, she is loving.   --Susie Zolo

Robin is a crusader for women and their right to have births in a healthy way that fits their cultural beliefs.  She works around the clock.  She loves humanity and gave immense comfort to those who suffered in the tsunami and watched their worlds and loved ones wash away.  She gives whatever money she can to help husbands buy their babies out of the hospital which has ransomed them if they don't have money to pay for the birth.  She's an angel to the people she works with and to us who love her.  You'd love her too!
Vina Miller
Fairfield, IA

"Robin's life is all about giving love. Whether it is staying up all night to catch a baby, or consoling grieving parents or cooking and sharing a meal and laughing with family and friends, Robin's hands and heart are wide open to everyone around her." --Caree Connet

The night after Robin received the CNN Hero award - all night long - I felt the Universe rejoicing over Robin's triumph. But the rejoicing did not have to do only with the new clinic to come from the award, or even to gentle birth in the world. It had to do with the return of the Nurturing energy to our Planet. All Gratitude to Robin and all of us. Luv, MarieZenack

Robin is a gentle, strong, unbelievable force of the Feminine, and hugely inspiring, determined, empowered woman who, in turn, empowers women daily to claim their birthright of birthing their babies in the most blessed, sacred, powerful and beautiful way!
What an incredible gift she is giving, and has given many many times over~!  ...to these women, their children, their families... The entire world. 
I feel so endlessly grateful for her existence, and work in the world. 

'Peace on Earth begins at birth'~   Anala Miller

 " I met Ibu Robin when I went to Bali a number of years ago. What she has created at Bumi Sehat and what she does on a daily basis is nothing short of  miraculous. She works tirelessly, lovingly and with great compassion like Tara. She can be fierce like Kali if she needs to be to protect a mother or baby. My wish is that the whole world knows about Robin and supports her work." Susan Bradford  
 Doula and Birth Ceremonialist 

I run a small birth center in San Diego, CA, (Best Start Birth Center). We have been in operation since 1989, (previously been Midwife Services, since 1981). My mother, Roberta Frank, founded our practice and all the midwives who work here, do so because they believe in the services we provide. Midwives are healers, they do NOT do midwifery for the money, for sure.

Robin is an inspiration because she speaks for so many women who need her services and for the midwives who provide them. Hospitals can not provide personalized care with a healing touch. Hospitals are about efficiency and care suffers because of it. Small birth center's like Robin's can hardly survive financially. It is very hard to compete with the salaries hospitals pay their staff, etc, (I'm sure you have heard the story before)... Again, I stress that Robin is coming from the heart, as are all the midwives I know. She speaks for them all and this award is so well deserved. I really hope Oprah takes notice. Btw, I know Ricki Lake has been trying to get Oprah to do some kind of a show on natural childbirth so the timing is perfect. Good luck and I'm so happy our voices were heard.

Btw, I heard about Robin from one of my close friends who delivered with us 9 years ago. As soon as we heard she was up for an award we forwarded to hundreds who then forwarded, etc. Thing is, I didn't even know about this. Time for Midwives to get NOTICED!!!

Karen H. Roslie (Exec. Admin.)
Best Start Birth Center
3343 4th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

I've known Robin since she first came to Fairfield with her then husband, Ed Burnhart and new baby, Deja. She was just 17 or 18 yrs old, as I remember. Even then, she was compelled to be a midwife and spoke of her desire. She was always driven in a way that a lot of us weren't. Something deep inside of her, a burning fire, drove her. There were many obstacles in her way; lack of money, lack of time and resources, lack of support in general but she never let go of her dream. Robin was always moving at 60 mph when the rest of us were moving at 10. There were many times I felt exhausted just being around her! For several years, she and her husband Ed, myself and my husband, had a business together (her idea of course!) selling crystal window prisims at local tradefairs, markets and county fairs. The hours were long and the living conditions questionable, even for 20 - somethings! But we were successful, due in a big way, to Robin's force of nature. Later we began a gift shop, "The Panda Company" (again, her idea) and it was also successful. She and her family eventually moved away and lived in Hawaii and then in Bali. It was in Hawaii that she really began to practise midwifery, as I remember. She would come back from time to time and live here, always birthing a few babies while she stayed. I'm so glad she found her heart's desire in Bali and has achieved such greatness. She so deserves this CNN Hero Award! --Shane Orne

Robin's endless compassion  is so sincere and honest. Her vision for Preserving peace at birth and in our world includes us all.  She connects and inspires all people no matter what walk of life to feel they matter and have a purpose, and somehow she instills a feeling that absolutely all acts of giving no matter how simple or grand are completely embraced and adored. -Linda

On the surface it may look like Robin is helping poor women to deliver their babies in a safe and gentle manner. But on the cosmic level she is infusing more Love and Light onto this planet as she helps to bring new souls in with peace  and grace. She embodies the highest principles of midwifery. She is Mother's Love in action. --Carolyn






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